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If you have been arrested for theft — misdemeanor or felony theft — Pima County theft lawyer, Vlad Gagic may be the attorney you’ve been searching for. He has more than a decade of experience in Arizona as a criminal defense attorney. His practice focuses on many high-stakes areas of the law: homicide, drug crimes, felony DUI, sex crimes, federal crimes and many others including burglary, shoplifting and other theft crimes. He is particularly experienced in crimes that involve Arizona’s theft of means of transportation law.

Auto theft in Arizona is a massive target for Pima County law enforcement. With so many vehicles being stolen in the state, law enforcement aggressively asserts its authority when it accuses someone of this crime. In their eyes, far too many people are getting away with auto theft in Arizona. They will make an example of whoever they arrest. Police and prosecutors will rigorously pursue auto theft charges against you, so if you have been arrested and accused of theft, don’t face your opponents alone.

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Joyriding and more serious auto theft charges

You may be accused of auto theft in Arizona simply because you are driving a car that was previously stolen. Or police may suspect you of driving a stolen car with no probable cause. You may have made an impulsive mistake and stolen a car for a joyride in Tucson. No matter the details of your case, Pima County prosecutors will seek a harsh penalty against you including up to ninety days in jail for a first offense.

The legal environment in Arizona makes auto theft particularly serious; law enforcement must make a show of force if you have been arrested because they want to send a message to the public. You should not be a “message.” If you have been arrested in Tucson, Pima County or anywhere in Arizona for auto theft charges, having an experienced auto theft attorney on your side is crucial to defend your rights and your freedom. Contact criminal defense attorney, Vlad Gagic for the tough, smart, and rigorous legal defense you need.

An experienced attorney has many options for protecting your rights

Auto theft is not the only area of focus for Vlad Gagic. Whatever criminal charges that you face, he has the skill to defend you. Whether your case involves accusations of minor theft, shoplifting, or grand larceny, your constitutional rights will be protected by an aggressive defense attorney. Call 520-230-4441 for a free consultation.



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