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If your legal situation involves domestic violence or assault, you need a Tucson assault attorney on your side with deep experience in these challenging cases. Attorney Vlad Gagic has been focused on this area of Arizona law for over a decade. He has helped countless clients through the most challenging domestic violence and assault cases. For the legal counsel and representation you need, contact your Pima County domestic violence lawyer for a free consultation.

Sometimes, prosecutors will add a charge of domestic violence to charges of assault. These charges result from the alleged assault being perpetuated against someone residing in the same home or who lived in the same home with the accused. Pima County prosecutors often want to get the harshest penalties imposed so this charge is applied broadly. If you are accused of assault you are quite likely to have domestic violence added to your assault charges: was the assault committed against a roommate, romantic partner, or family member? Answers to these questions will significantly impact your case. Though a first-time domestic violence conviction is a misdemeanor, it can still result in significant time in jail. A third charge of domestic violence will result in felony charges even if the assaults were not all against the same person.

Having an attorney familiar with this complex area of the law may make a major difference in your case. Contact assault lawyer, Vlad Gagic to defend you if you have been arrested in Pima County on assault or domestic violence charges.

Domestic violence and assault attorney in Tucson.

The addition of multiple charges can increase your risk of penalties. Often, domestic violence is combined with assault or related to some of the following:

In addition to time in jail and large fines, domestic violence counseling may be required if you are convicted. Anger management and many hours of community service may also be ordered if you are convicted on assault or domestic violence charges in Pima County. Perhaps you were falsely accused. Perhaps your accuser wants to influence child custody proceedings. Perhaps you have had your rights violated by Tucson police. Defend your rights with an experienced attorney as your ally; contact former US Marine and former Pima County public defender, Vlad Gagic. Defend your rights. Summon the Marine. Call 520-230-4441 for a free consultation.



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