Drug Crimes

Tucson Drug Lawyer & AZ Criminal Defense Attorney

AZ drug crimes carry serious consequences; you need an experienced Pima County drug crimes attorney on your side.

Facing a conviction on drug crimes involving prescription drugs, marijuana, cocaine, meth, and other drugs make having an experienced and aggressive defense attorney on your side essential. If you are convicted of a drug crime in Arizona, you may face crippling economic hardship as a result of fines, lost wages, and court costs. You may also have to do prison time. You may also suffer other permanent damage to your life: loss of employment opportunities, loss of access to college loans, and other loss of other opportunities as a result of drug crime conviction in Arizona.

If you are looking for an aggressive and accomplished Pima County drug crimes attorney, contact Vlad Gagic. He has extensive experience in defending clients against drug charges throughout Arizona:

Your freedom may be threatened by a conviction related to drugs. He has also handled high-stakes federal drug crimes cases, and has all of the resources you may need to defend your rights.

Extensive experience as a Tucson drug lawyer for all of Arizona and the Southwest

Vlad Gagic has been a criminal defense attorney for over a decade. In that time, he has built a reputation as a tireless lawyer who has distinguished himself throughout the state. Fox, ABC, and NBC television news often turn to him for on-air interviews because of his experience and insight about complex legal matters. His reputation and history as a skilled defense attorney have made him much sought-after in Arizona drug crimes cases.

As a former Pima County public defender, graduate of the University of Arizona’s Law School, and as a former member of the Arizona Reserve Unit of the United States Marines, Vlad Gagic has deep Tucson ties and the proven toughness and legal skills to defend you. If you face drug charges, don’t delay. Contact an experienced drug crimes attorney today.

Mr. Gagic has a long history of success with drug cases. This allows him the negotiating skills most beneficial to his clients. Though a successful trial attorney, he will do all he can to help you avoid a trial and to get your charges dropped.  If a trial is necessary, you may have charges reduced, get a plea bargain, or have your case dismissed. Mr. Gagic will do all he can to have the case settled in your favor.



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