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Arrested for marijuana / pot possession, dealing, or trafficking in Arizona?

Pima County drug crimes lawyer, Vlad Gagic has been earning his reputation as an aggressive criminal defense attorney in Arizona for more than a decade. His credibility as a leading attorney in Arizona is undisputed; Fox, ABC, and CBS news regularly feature him on their television newscasts as a legal expert. More importantly, he has defended countless clients in Arizona courts who have been accused of a wide variety of drug crimes including those related to marijuana in Pima County.

If you or a loved one has been arrested for possession, cultivation or intent to sell pot in Arizona, you need an experienced Tucson marijuana attorney on your side. Pima County Sheriffs and other law enforcement agencies in Arizona take a particular pride in their strict adherence to drug laws. They will aggressively pursue prosecution to the fullest extent of the law if you are arrested for cannabis possession in Pima County. With Tucson’s close proximity to Mexico, the police may be overly aggressive in their attempts to keep Arizona drug free. Their zealous attempts to enforce Arizona and federal drug crimes law may lead to your rights being violated during a marijuana arrest. Aggressively fight these violations of your rights; contact Arizona marijuana possession lawyer, Vlad Gagic for a rigorous defense against marijuana charges.

Marijuana possession in Pima County carries serious consequences

Arizona drug laws are complex: federal law, state law, municipal codes, and other ways of controlling marijuana use may overlap and effect the punishments you face. Experienced Pima County drug crimes lawyer, Vlad Gagic can offer more detailed information about Arizona marijuana laws and consequences when you call 520-230-4441 for a free consultation. Here is a brief overview of the penalties you may face for pot possession in AZ:

  • Hundreds of hours of community service
  • Large fines
  • Counseling and treatment for drug abuse
  • Mandatory probation

The above penalties are for marijuana possession of less than 2 lbs. If you are accused of having more than that amount, you face much greater penalties. No matter the situation you are in, if you have been arrested or fear that you may soon be arrested and even if you have already been convicted of marijuana possession, contact Vlad Gagic for a free consultation. From minor possession to major trafficking and importing marijuana across Arizona borders, there is no case he cannot handle including criminal appeals.



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