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Facing Meth or Cocaine Charges? Contact a Pima County Drug Crime Lawyer

In Arizona, meth is widely available: it is easy to make and distribute. A variety of strategies have been employed to stop its widespread use. Law enforcement officers in Pima County aggressively pursue charges against people suspected of manufacturing, transporting, dealing, and even possessing crystal methamphetamine.

Arizona law enforcement is particularly concerned with this drug and will stop at almost nothing to convict and punish you to the fullest extent of the law. If you have been arrested on meth charges, your best defense is to have an experienced attorney at your side. Pima County drug crime lawyer, Vlad Gagic will defend your rights and protect your freedom. Call 520-230-4441 to protect your rights.

Aggressive prosecutors will try to punish you: fines, years in state prison, drug counseling, asset forfeiture, and other penalties may follow if you are convicted of meth possession. Contact Tucson meth attorney, Vlad Gagic as soon as possible.

Cocaine convictions carry major penalties in Arizona

Cocaine dealing and trafficking carry major penalties at the state and federal drug crimes level. It only takes a very small amount of cocaine in your possession for Arizona law enforcement to aggressively prosecute you. If convicted, you may face at least five years in prison. Contact an experienced Tucson cocaine lawyer.

With methamphetamine and cocaine in Arizona, state and local politicians feel that they must show a tough stance on these drugs. The public seems to demand it. However, these tough stances on cocaine related crimes in Tucson and throughout Arizona may mean that your constitutional rights are violated so that Arizona officials can appear “tough on crime.”

If you have been arrested on any drug crime charge, call 520-230-4441 for a free consultation. You will have an ally in Mr. Gagic no matter the charges you face.  With an aggressive and knowledgeable defense attorney — like Mr. Gagic — at your side, you minimize your risks of the harsh penalties in Arizona drug crimes cases. Call 520-230-4441 for a free consultation.



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