Prescription Drug Charges

Tucson Prescription Drug Attorney

Illegal possession of prescription drugs in Arizona can lead to significant penalties

Arizona drug crimes lawyers are familiar with this area of law that has grown dramatically over the last decade.  With prescription drugs like Adderall, Ritalin, Oxycotin, Morphine, Vicodin or Hydrocodone and other such pharmaceuticals widely available, law enforcement officials in Arizona have taken dramatic steps to curtail their illegal use and distribution.  If you have been arrested for

  • Illegal possession of prescription drugs
  • Intent to sell prescription drugs
  • Prescription forgery
  • Doctor Shopping
  • Trafficking prescription drugs
  • Prescription drug DUI

Your rights must be rigorously defended by a Tucson prescription drug attorney.  Vlad Gagic has defended countless clients in some of the most complex drug cases both at the state and the federal drug crimes level. Whether your case involves minor prescription drug possession or a more serious charge like importation and distribution, contact Arizona drug crimes lawyer, Vlad Gagic.

Arizona prescription drug law is complex

You may have a prescription for the drugs in your possession. You may be addicted to the drugs that were intended to alleviate pain. You may have been arrested for unjustified reasons. Your constitutional rights may have been violated in the way that you were apprehended or investigated. Criminal defense attorney, Vlad Gagic has been defending people in Arizona against prescription drug charges for over a decade. He can defend you when you call 520-230-4441.

Arizona drug laws are complexly written and the penalties can vary depending on a variety of factors. With a skilled attorney at your side, you have a better chance of minimizing your risks of punishment on prescription drug charges in Pima County. Call 520-230-4441 for a free consultation.



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