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Massive amounts of illegal drugs come across the US Border from Mexico monthly. Firearms from the US freely flow into Mexico illegally. Counterfeit jewelry, brand-name clothing and other merchandise moves back and forth across the International border regularly. Immigrants from Mexico and many other nations risk their lives to illegally cross into Arizona daily. The International border between the United States and Mexico is the site of innumerable federal crimes. Most people get away with these crimes; this is one of the many reasons federal agencies will vigilantly pursue harsh penalties against those who are arrested on federal criminal charges. They want to make an example of you.

Federal investigators will use a wide-array of tools to arrest and convict you. Without a skilled attorney at your side, you may have your rights violated, your freedom denied, and your life ruined. Contact experienced Tucson federal crimes defense attorney, Vlad Gagic if you face any federal criminal charges in Arizona: money laundering & RICO related charges; conspiracy; federal drug crimes; any Native American federal crimes and other crimes that may fall under federal jurisdiction.

With Arizona’s close proximity to Mexico, the state is often a target of federal investigations by the Border Patrol, US Bureau of Citizenship and Immigration, the FBI, Drug Enforcement Administration, and other federal agencies. Local law enforcement and federal agencies may have overlapping and conflicting rules, procedures, and jurisdictions. International law and massive agencies may become involved if your case involves accusations of human smuggling, drug importation or other federal crimes. Federal crimes also carry strict penalties; asset forfeiture, long years in prison, fines, court costs and many other catastrophic penalties.  Contact a Pima County criminal defense lawyer who has deep experience in federal criminal cases. Call Vlad Gagic at 520-230-4441.

A former Marine, Pima County public defender, and Tucson federal criminal defense lawyer

The complexity of federal cases can be overwhelming, but the right  lawyer can use these complexities to your advantage. Whether you have been arrested for drug trafficking in Sierra Vista or human smuggling in Tucson or face an immigration conflict in Marana, the overlapping agencies and conflicts between them can result in mistakes during criminal investigations. Law enforcement may violate your rights and gather evidence inappropriately. These and many other details can lead to a case that will not hold up in court. Call 520-230-4441 to discuss the many ways that federal prosecutors and law enforcement agencies can be challenged.

Mr. Gagic has the determination and drive that you would expect from a former Marine; he has the legal background you need as an experienced and highly reputable attorney in Arizona; his legal experience combined with his military training and deep Pima County roots make him the type of lawyer you need if you face federal criminal charges in Arizona. Border issues and federal crimes require an attorney familiar with these complex legal issues. Contact attorney Vlad Gagic.



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