Federal Drug Crimes

Tucson Federal Drug Crimes Lawyer

Federal drug charges in Arizona: marijuana importation, meth distribution, and others

If you have been arrested on drug charges in Arizona and your case qualifies as a federal drug crime, you need aggressive legal defense immediately. Federal law enforcement agencies—the DEA, FBI, the Border Patrol—will use their considerable resources to prosecute you. They want to make an example of you if you have been arrested for pot dealing or methamphetamine importation from Mexico. Because so many drugs come across the border, law enforcement agencies will assert their power when they do make an arrest. Call 520-230-4441 for an attorney who will stand up for your rights.

Pima County federal drug defense attorney, Vlad Gagic rigorously defends his clients against federal drug crimes throughout Arizona. Mr. Gagic will use his considerable experience to defend you as he has with countless clients charged with federal crimes. He has the strength and determination you would expect of a former US Marine, and he has deep roots in Arizona. As a result of living in Arizona for several decades and practicing law throughout the Southwest, he knows the strategies prosecutors will use in your federal drug crimes case. Contact Tucson federal drug crimes lawyer, Vlad Gagic today.

Federal drug crimes in Pima County, Arizona

The “war on drugs” has resulted in harsh penalties and mandatory minimums if you are convicted on a federal drug crime. If your charges qualify as a federal crime, you potentially face a minimum of five years in prison and you may face a life sentence. In some cases, you may face the death penalty.  If you have been arrested in Arizona on any of the following charges, contact experienced defense lawyer, Vlad Gagic:

  • Possession of drugs for sale
  • Distribution of illegal substances
  • Conspiracy to distribute meth, marijuana, cocaine, LSD or other drugs
  • Drug manufacturing or possession of materials  with intent to manufacture
  • Drug trafficking
  • Money Laundering
  • Homicide related to a drug crime
  • Drug smuggling
  • Racketeering

The federal government may have had you under surveillance for a considerable amount of time. Your phone conversations may have been recorded; your movements may have been monitored; your financial records may be under scrutiny by experts; you may have had conversations with under-cover law enforcement officers and informants. The federal government will mercilessly pursue you and fight to impose harsh penalties. You need an aggressive federal drug crimes lawyer to fight back.

Evidence may have been gathered illegally, search and seizure procedures may not have been followed; warrants may not have been obtained correctly; these are just a few examples of how a skilled federal drug defense attorney can challenge the case against you. Call 520-230-4441 to fight federal drug charges.



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