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In Arizona, “straw buying” of guns or “straw purchases” of firearms has received considerable attention in the last several years. This is the practice of buying a gun legally only to sell or give it to someone who is not legally permitted to have the gun. Federal agencies are trying to stop the flow of weapons into Mexico especially in light of recent drug violence. Also, “gun-tracking” in Arizona has received renewed scrutiny as a result of the federal government’s controversial Fast and Furious operation. Though this controversy has brought recent attention to federal firearms crimes in Arizona, experienced Tucson firearms lawyers know this: gun crimes in Arizona are much more common than the national news media reports.

The federal sting operation, Fast and Furious, allegedly allowed guns purchased illegally to be transported into Mexico from the US. This strategy — gun tracking — was used in an attempt to apprehend criminal organization leaders who were to receive the guns. When a US Border Patrol agent was killed with one of the guns allegedly allowed into Mexico, controversy exploded. Though dramatic cases like this are worth the attention they receive, more common occurrences are no less significant.

Whether your case receives international attention or not, your rights must be rigorously defended if you have been arrested on federal firearms charges, you face federal conspiracy allegations, or you believe that you may be under investigation by federal authorities, call 520-230-4441 to discuss your legal situation with experienced attorney Vlad Gagic.

A Pima County federal crimes attorney and former Marine with deep experience in AZ weapons offense cases

As a former marine, former Pima County public defender, and successful criminal defense attorney who has lived in Arizona for several decades, Mr. Gagic has a wealth of experience in defending his clients against federal criminal charges. He can defend you anywhere in Arizona from his Tucson law office. With clear understanding of the criminal justice system in the Southwest, Mr. Gagic can defend you if you have been charged with federal firearms’ charge in Arizona:

  • Possession of a firearm if you are felon
  • Illegal possession of ammunition
  • Gun dealers charged with illegal
  • Gun trafficking
  • Unlawful sale or distribution of firearms
  • Possession of a gun by an illegal immigrant
  • Domestic violence cases related to possession of a firearm

If you have been arrested on a federal firearms charge in Arizona, contact attorney Vlad Gagic as soon as possible.



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