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Aggressive Arizona RICO lawyer for defense against the federal charges you face.

Money laundering and charges related to RICO (Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act) are commonly combined with other criminal charges. Much like federal charges of conspiracy, these criminal charges are a way that the federal government tries to identify a relationship between many defendants in a related case. In Arizona, these cases often involve illegal immigration, drug trafficking, firearms smuggling, and other cross border crimes. However, these charges have broad application in many other types of cases as well.

Whatever situation you may be in, you need a skilled defense attorney who knows the Arizona legal environment. Tucson money laundering attorney & Arizona RICO lawyer, Vlad Gagic has the experience in such cases to put up an aggressive and sophisticated defense against the federal charges you face. Contact Mr. Gagic to discuss your case with an experienced federal crimes defense lawyer in Tucson.

RICO charges in Arizona may be used to increase a criminal sentence

By adding RICO to other charges, prosecutors may be trying to add more time to a prison sentence if you are convicted on federal criminal charges. If RICO or money laundering charges are being brought against you, there is a very good chance that federal law enforcement agencies have obtained a considerable amount of evidence against you. They will pursue a harsh punishment. In such a case, having a skilled attorney like criminal defense attorney, Vlad Gagic on your side is essential. He will look into every aspect of your case to defend you and ask a wide-array of questions:

  • Was evidence legally obtained in the case against you?
  • Were warrants requested appropriately?
  • Did police or federal authorities entrap you?
  • Can your case be dismissed?
  • Can the federal charges against you be reduced?

Mr. Gagic has challenged the federal government in defense of his clients countless times. His negotiating ability and experience in high-stakes federal criminal cases can be an asset for you. Call 520-230-4441 to begin discussing the many strategies Tucson money laundering attorney and Arizona RICO lawyer, Vlad Gagic can use in your defense.



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