Tucson Homicide Attorney

Facing a murder charge? Call Arizona homicide defense lawyer, Vlad Gagic.

The challenge and complexity of a murder case can be overwhelming for everyone involved. An experienced, aggressive, and diligent Arizona homicide attorney is crucial in such cases. Whether your case involves other related charges like DUI related homicide, domestic violence, assault, robbery or any other crime including federal crimes like conspiracy, drug crimes or firearms offenses that can be linked to murder, count on Tucson homicide attorney, Vlad Gagic to defend you.

Contact criminal defense attorney, Vlad Gagic if you are facing murder charges in Pima County or anywhere in Arizona. Mr. Gagic has been an Arizona defense attorney for over a decade and was a former Pima County public defender. Furthermore his experience as a United States Marine makes him a particularly tough defense attorney to challenge your murder charge. Call 520-230-4441 for a free consultation.

Accused of a violent crime including murder in Tucson?

All AZ murder lawyers will tell you the same thing: you must have an experienced and knowledgeable criminal defense attorney to fight homicide charges. You need an attorney who will use all the tools that the law allows to defend your freedom. Of course every criminal case requires the same level of commitment by a skilled attorney. However, in Arizona, a murder case is particularly grave: If you are convicted, you may face the death penalty.

You need an attorney who can vigorously defend your rights and, potentially, your life. If you face homicide charges in Pima County, contact Arizona homicide defense lawyer, Vlad Gagic. No detail of your case will go unnoticed. The right experts will be consulted to challenge the prosecution’s homicide case. If there is questionable evidence, he will work to suppress it. With his experience in Arizona murder cases, Mr. Gagic will use all of his vast resources to defend your rights. He will fight to get your case dismissed, your charges reduced or, perhaps, dropped completely. Call 520-230-4441 to begin formulating your defense.

Convicted of murder in Arizona? Call Vlad Gagic to appeal.

Don’t hesitate to call if you have already been convicted of murder in Arizona: you have less than a month to file a petition for appeal. To have a skilled defense attorney at your side to explain the entire criminal appeals & post-conviction relief process while he re-examines the case against you and fights to win your freedom, contact Vlad Gagic to discuss your defense, your appeal and your rights.



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