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Facing charges of prostitution or solicitation in AZ?

Call 520-230-4441 for a free consultation with Tucson prostitution lawyer, Vlad Gagic. He has the experience and skill you need on your side in these very serious sex crimes cases. He also has deep roots in Tucson and is extremely knowledgeable about the Pima County legal system.

  • Graduate of the U of A law school
  • Former United States Marine
  • Former Pima County public defender
  • Wide experience in extremely high-stakes cases: drug crimes, child sex crimes, DUI, and more
  • More than a decade of experience as an Arizona sex crimes attorney

The impact on your life if you are convicted of a prostitution or solicitation charge can be extremely dramatic. Arizona law requires at least 15 days of jail time if you are convicted. However, that is for a first offense of prostitution & solicitation in Arizona. If you are convicted multiple times, you face up to six months in jail. Do not face the threat of these penalties without a skilled prostitution attorney fighting for you. Contact Vlad Gagic any time, day or night, to fight for your rights.

A former Marine; now an Arizona sex crimes attorney & criminal defense lawyer

Vlad Gagic has demonstrated his grit, determination, and stamina through his time as a United States Marine. He brings that same dedication and discipline to his Arizona legal practice. For more than a decade, he has been building state-wide reputation as a skilled Arizona sex crimes attorney with a record of success in prostitution and solicitation cases throughout Arizona. Contact him today for a free consultation and to discuss the best strategies for defending your rights.

  • Were you entrapped by Tucson police?
  • Were your constitutional rights violated by Pima County law enforcement?
  • Does your arrest involve a child sex crime?
  • Were your Miranda rights read to you during your prostitution arrest?
  • Was a search warrant obtained before you were searched for evidence of solicitation?
  • Did an undercover officer coerce you into solicitation?
  • Were you forced into prostitution?

These factors—and many others—may influence the strategies that your Tucson prostitution & solicitation attorney uses to defend you. Regardless of your circumstances, prostitution lawyer Vlad Gagic has an approach to your defense that will be rigorous, detailed, and formidable. To defend your rights, summon the Marine at 520-230-4441.



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