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A shoplifting conviction in Arizona can make your life miserable. Even a first-time offense may lead to a jury trial. Even if the item allegedly stolen was under $200, your case is considered one of moral turpitude. This means serious penalties could be the result of a conviction: massive fines, jail time, probation, loss of employment and educational opportunities. Why face these consequences without an experienced attorney in your corner? Contact experienced and aggressive Tucson shoplifting lawyer, Vlad Gagic.

When you contact his law office on-line or call 520-230-4441, you will have the chance to discuss your shoplifting case with an experienced attorney. Mr. Gagic has a state-wide reputation as a leading criminal defense attorney and his legal opinions are regularly considered among the most insightful in Arizona; Fox News, NBC and CBS News in Arizona have hosted him on their news broadcasts innumerable times. He has shared his legal knowledge on many of the most high profile cases. He will use all of the skills that have given him this reputation in his fight to defend your rights.

Petty theft laws in Arizona are complex

Most crimes that involve theft are related to someone taking an item from someone else without their consent. However, you may face Pima County theft charges if you accept or purchase stolen merchandise. You may endure a serious punishment if you are charged with possessing stolen merchandise. Even if you were unaware that the goods were stolen, Arizona police may argue that you should have known that it was stolen before you came to possess the item.

Your rights may be trampled without a skilled Pima County theft attorney on your side. Whether your case involves something as large as auto theft or something smaller like shoplifted clothing, your case will be prioritized at the Law Office of Vlad Gagic in Tucson. Call 520-230-4441 for a free consultation.

Whether this is your first offense or you have been arrested before, you need a shoplifting attorney in Tucson who has wide-experience. A lawyer who is accustomed to high-stakes cases and has defended clients accused of many types of crimes may be able to anticipate prosecutors’ strategies. Mr. Gagic has defended clients in countless DUI cases, theft cases, homicide, and sex crimes cases. His experience even includes defending clients against federal criminal charges. You deserve his skill and experience on your side.

Contact criminal defense attorney, Vlad Gagic to protect your rights. His experience in Arizona and his wide ranging knowledge will be great assets in your Tucson shoplifting case.



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