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Pima County DUI defense attorney; protecting your license, freedom & assets

Arrested for drunk driving in Tucson? Facing jail time for impaired driving in Pima County?  You should know the Tucson DUI Consequences & Penalties. Harsh Arizona DUI penalties exceed the national norm. Choose an experienced Pima County DUI attorney who will fight for you.

If you are arrested for suspicion of DUI in Tucson, you need a DUI attorney to reduce your risks of jail, large fines, loss of your drivers’ license, and other penalties that are the most merciless in the nation.  Contact an expert. Vlad Gagic will help defend your freedom at all stages of your case. From your initial arrest, through MVD license suspension & revocation hearings, and beyond, you will have a skilled DUI lawyer on your side.

Pima County law enforcement officials and Tucson police take DUI very seriously

Police, investigators and prosecutors may aggressively pursue charges against you; you should aggressively defend your rights. Many people who are arrested for a DUI in Arizona believe that there is no point in fighting the charges. This is always a mistake. By having experienced Tucson DUI lawyer, Vlad Gagic at your side, you can fight the penalties and defend your freedom.

When a driver is stopped in Arizona for suspicion of drunk driving, they may be unaware of their rights. Arresting officers may take advantage of this; they may try to force drivers into field sobriety tests. By knowing your rights, you can defend them.

You have the right to a defense lawyer as soon as you are pulled over. Tucson Police may not tell you this. They may forcefully suggest that you take a sobriety test. Know your rights; review the Field Sobriety Tests Do’s & Don’ts, and contact Pima County DUI Defense attorney, Vlad Gagic.

Vlad Gagic has defended countless clients throughout Arizona’s rural and metropolitan areas. If you face DUI charges—including felony DUI and charges related to DUI and manslaughtercontact a skilled and aggressive attorney with deep Pima County roots. Summon the Marine. Call 520-230-4441 immediately.

Former Marine, Pima County public defender, University of Arizona grad and DUI lawyer Tucson

Vlad Gagic is a former US Marine, graduate of the University of Arizona, and experienced former Pima County public defender. These experiences make him an aggressive and committed DUI defense attorney. Whether you face extreme DUI, misdemeanor DUI, or felony DUI, he will tenaciously fight for your rights no matter the complexity of your case. Your freedom may be at stake. Contact the Marine to protect it.



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