Aggravated or Felony DUI

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Don’t face felony DUI charges in Pima County without an experienced AZ felony defense attorney

An Aggravated DUI charge is not a misdemeanor. It is considered a felony in Arizona. This means that the penalties are much more dramatic than other DUI charges. Even for a first time or misdemeanor DUI in Arizona, the penalties are harsh. But the felony charges can be catastrophic. You will be charged with Aggravated DUI if any of the following apply:

  • You caused property damage or inflicted personal injury including DUI related deaths
  • Someone under the age of 15 was in your vehicle
  • This is a third DUI in fewer than 7 years
  • At the time of your arrest you were driving with a suspended or revoked drivers’ license
  • When you were being stopped for suspicion of DUI, you tried to escape or flee

Being charged with Aggravated DUI in Arizona can lead to incredibly serious consequences if you are convicted. Pima County Prosecutors and Arizona law enforcement pride themselves on their aggressive pursuit of conviction that may lead to:

  • A mandatory 120 days in jail
  • The potential of more than $100,000 in fines and additional jail costs
  • Loss of drivers’ license for three years
  • Extensive counseling and probation
  • Ignition interlock device that you must pay for after your license is returned
  • A criminal record that includes a felony DUI conviction

Contact a Pima County Criminal defense attorney with vast experience in defending clients facing Aggravated DUI charges. The stakes are too high to face the penalties alone.

An experienced attorney can defend you against Aggravated DUI or Felony DUI charges in Arizona

You must fight these charges with an aggressive Arizona DUI defense attorney. A skilled attorney can challenge every aspect of the case against you. For instance, the devices used to administer Chemical, Blood & Urine Tests and breathalyzer devices used to determine BAC are not always maintained correctly. They can—and do—result in inaccurate readings. Additionally, Tucson Police or Pima County Sheriffs may allow you to incriminate yourself. You have the right to an attorney from the moment you are stopped by law enforcement.

Tucson DUI attorney, Vlad Gagic has served innumerable clients throughout Arizona in a variety of criminal defense cases. As a former United States Marine, as a former Pima County public defender, and now as a criminal defense attorney, he has the background to defend your rights.



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