Chemical, Blood & Urine Tests

Tucson DUI Chemical Blood Urine Tests


A skilled Pima County DUI defense lawyer will challenge the test results

Many people know that Arizona has the most catastrophic DUI Consequences & Penalties. They also know that Pima County prosecutors are extremely aggressive in pursuing charges against people arrested for DUI in Tucson. What many people don’t know? Their DUI conviction often rests on blood, breath, or urine tests. The test results are often not trustworthy.

The tests are supposed to indicate blood alcohol concentration (BAC). A BAC of .08 may lead to DUI. A BAC of more than .15 will lead to an Extreme DUI or Super Extreme DUI. The penalties increase dramatically based on the test results. To challenge the results of your tests, contact an attorney with experience in this area. Pima County DUI defense lawyer, Vlad Gagic has been building a reputation throughout Arizona for the last decade as a formidable opponent to any prosecutor in DUI cases.

Tucson’s Chemical, Blood & Urine Tests during DUI arrests are often faulty

Mr. Gagic is a much sought-after defense attorney in Tucson DUI cases because he can challenge many of the frequent mistakes made during the administering of Chemical, Blood & Urine tests in Pima County.

  • The phlebotomist drawing the blood may have been improperly trained or made mistakes.
  • BAC may be artificially high because plasma was tested rather than blood
  • The blood test kit was not adequately prepared
  • The blood test kit materials were expired
  • Contaminated swabs were used in the test.

Since the test results are so important in the DUI case against you, any of the above may be reason enough to have charges dropped. Furthermore, you have the right to request that your blood is tested by an independent laboratory. When you wonder if you need a DUI attorney or not, these approaches to your defense should indicate that you do.  Most people do not know how a chemical test can be challenged; but a skilled DUI defense attorney does.  To learn your rights and challenge the results of your test, contact Tucson DUI attorney, Vlad Gagic as soon as possible, twenty-four hours a day at 520-230-4441.

The Tucson Police or Pima County Sherriff’s breathalyzer may be wrong.

Many times, the breathalyzer device is faulty. The Arizona Department of Health Services requires that these devices are calibrated every thirty-one days. Each device is supposed to be inspected every ninety days. If this maintenance cannot be verified, the results will be questioned and the DUI charges you face may be dismissed or might at least be reduced.



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