Drug Impairment

DUI Drug Attorney Tucson, Arizona


Pima County Drug Impairment Lawyer; Chemical, Blood & Urine tests can be challenged

Tucson Police and Pima County law enforcement officials will make no distinction between legal prescription drugs and illegal drugs like marijuana if you are stopped for DUI. Even if you took a prescription or illegal drug several weeks ago, if you have any trace of drugs in your system, you will be charged with DUI. This is true even if the drugs had absolutely no impact on your ability to drive. To determine if you have even inactive traces of drugs in your system—these traces are called metabolites—law enforcement may subject you to Chemical, Blood & Urine Tests. These results will be vital to the case against you. Vlad Gagic can challenge the results to, perhaps, get your charges reduced or dismissed.

Arizona law enforcement officials celebrate their strict DUI enforcement; this may be at the expense of your constitutional rights. Call 520-230-4441 to defend your rights.

Contact Tucson DUI drug attorney, Vlad Gagic if you have been arrested for DUI with drug impairment. You may be incarcerated, incur large fines, and lose your license if convicted. This loss of your license may occur even if you are an out-of-state visitor charged with DUI; your license suspension or revocation may be applied in your home state.

With more than a decade as a criminal defense attorney in Arizona,  Vlad Gagic is deeply experienced with cases involving drug crimes, sex crimes, homicide and other high stakes cases. For the last several years, he has maintained a special focus on DUI defense in Arizona. The strict DUI Consequences & Penalties in Arizona; aggressive law enforcement; rigorous Pima County prosecutors—they will all be allied against you if you face drug DUI charges in Arizona. You need an aggressive ally at your side against these formidable odds. Call 520-230-4441 a free consultation.

Tucson MVD and prosecutors will aggressively pursue harsh penalties for drug DUI

The Arizona Motor Vehicle Division has no obligation to prove your guilt beyond a reasonable doubt; the criteria used to punish drivers suspected of drug DUI are much lower than in a criminal court. You will go through MVD license suspension & revocation hearings if you are arrested for drug DUI. These hearings may lead the MVD to take your license for one year; you will not be allowed to drive at all. Even driving to school or your job will be forbidden. Furthermore, you may be required to install and pay for an ignition interlock device even though alcohol may have not been related to your Arizona DUI case.

Added to these consequences, you will face fines, increased insurance premiums, and mandatory counseling sessions. Minimize your risk of conviction; call Pima County drug impairment lawyer, Vlad Gagic for a free consultation at 520-230-4441.



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