DUI Related Deaths (include manslaughter & 2nd degree murder)

Tucson DUI Defense Attorney

DUI charges in Arizona can lead to manslaughter or second degree murder charges

If you have been accused of vehicular manslaughter, 2nd degree murder and DUI, don’t wait: contact experienced and rigorous Tucson DUI defense attorney, Vlad Gagic. For more than a decade, he has been rigorously focused on Arizona DUI defense with special attention to the highest stakes cases like those involving the loss of life. He has a long history of helping his clients through some of the most challenging times in their lives. Whether you have just been stopped, you have been arrested, you have already been convicted—whatever stage your case is at—Mr. Gagic has the experience and resources to defend you:

  • Former United States Marine
  • Esteemed graduate of the U of A law school
  • Experience as a Pima County public defender
  • Arizona criminal defense attorney for more than decade
  • Success in complex high-stakes cases: drug crimes, homicide, sex crimes, felony DUI, and more
  • A statewide reputation as a legal expert: he has appeared on CBS, NBC, and Fox news countless times as a commentator on significant legal cases.

He will stop at nothing to rigorously defend your rights and defend your freedom in your DUI case. Your future may be on the line. Contact Mr. Gagic’s Tucson law office or call 520-230-4441 for a free consultation.

A DUI defense lawyer with the resources to defend you

As a well-known attorney throughout the state of Arizona, Mr. Gagic has developed relationships with experts that can prove to your advantage: experts who can re-create accident scenes; other experts who can determine if the devices used to conduct Chemical, Blood & Urine Tests and breathalyzers were in proper working order; he is also deeply familiar with Pima County judges and prosecutors. All of these resources can prove advantageous in your case. Additionally, Mr. Gagic is a DUI attorney who has more than a decade of experience as a skilled trial attorney including with cases involving homicide.

If you have been stopped for DUI, involved in a drunk driving accident in Tucson and someone has been killed or injured, call 520-230-4441 immediately. You have the right to an attorney from the very start of your case even if you have not been arrested yet. The sooner you contact a Pima County drunk driving lawyer, the sooner you can begin to reduce your risk of incarceration.



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