Field Sobriety Tests Do’s & Don’ts

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Stopped for DUI in Tucson? Here are some tips to protect your freedom

  • When the officer appears behind me with lights on, where—and how—should I pull over? Keep in mind: your performance in how you pull over and where you do it is being judged by the officer. Find the first available safe place and come to a complete and controlled stop. Don’t brake abruptly or speed up.
  • Do I have to follow all of the officer’s orders? Be respectful and courteous. There is no reason to antagonize the Tucson Police Officer or Pima County Sherriff. You must tell the officer your full name and offer your license, registration, and proof of auto insurance. You do not have to volunteer other information and you do not have to answer questions without a lawyer.
  • Should I comply with the field sobriety tests? No. You should calmly refuse. This is your constitutional right. These tests are difficult even under ideal circumstances. They can simply be a way to guarantee your arrest. Politely refuse and then contact a Tucson DUI defense attorney.
  • Must I take the Preliminary Breath Test (PBT)? No. This test is unreliable and, many times, the results are artificially high. Pima County prosecutors cannot use the results in court because the test has proven to be so unreliable in DUI cases.
  • Do I have to take the police officer’s Chemical Test? Yes. If you have been arrested for suspicion of DUI in Arizona, you must take this chemical test. If you refuse or resist, your blood may be taken from you forcibly. You will also probably receive a more severe punishment for resisting. These Chemical, Blood & Urine Tests are quite flawed. Take the test but keep in mind that an Arizona DUI lawyer with experience can challenge the results.
  • Why should I contact a DUI lawyer? If you contact an attorney as soon as possible, many of the most brutal DUI Consequences & Penalties may be avoided. If you request an attorney, Pima County law enforcement must give you a chance to speak with a lawyer. With an experienced DUI defense attorney at your side, your case may get dismissed and your charges dropped. Contact experienced attorney Vlad Gagic at 520-230-4441.

If you are arrested for DUI anywhere in Arizona, discuss your legal options and have all of your legal questions answered by experienced and aggressive DUI attorney, Vlad Gagic. With more than a decade of experience defending clients against DUI and other criminal charges throughout Arizona, Mr. Gagic has the legal experience you may need. As a former United States Marine, he will fight for your rights. Contact him today at 520-230-4441.



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