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Have you been arrested for DUI? Facing charges of Extreme DUI? Out-of-state visitor DUI? Want to keep your license or at least be allowed to drive to work and school? Experienced Tucson MVD license suspension hearing attorney, Vlad Gagic can fight for your right to drive. He has helped countless clients through such MVD hearings innumerable times. He can help you. Some important details about the process:

  • After you have been arrested for DUI, you will have fifteen days to schedule a MVD hearing
  • The criminal case against you and the MVD case are completely separate.
  • The burden of proof is much higher in the criminal court. To revoke or suspend your license, the MVD does not have to adhere to the same standards as the criminal court.
  • The MVD hearing will not be held in a courtroom; it will be held in a conference room.
  • During the hearing, the MVD will argue that they should suspend or revoke your license.
  • If you do not want to attend the hearing or if you are far from the hearing location and attending is not possible, your lawyer can appear in your place.
  • By having an attorney at the hearing, you may have a better chance of keeping your license

Requesting the MVD hearing can benefit you in many ways; your license suspension will be “stayed” until after the hearing. If you do not request a hearing, your license may be suspended or revoked automatically. If you are successful at the hearing you may be able to keep your license or at least be allowed to drive to essential places like school and work.

Additionally, the hearing will be an opportunity for your defense attorney to question the arresting officer. The details revealed during the hearing may help in having your charges reduced or, possibly, dropped. Contact Tucson license revocation lawyer, Vlad Gagic on line or call 520-230-4441 for more information on the best options for keeping your license.

If your license is being revoked in Tucson as result of DUI, challenge that decision with a lawyer.

AZ DUI lawyer, Vlad Gagic has attended countless MVD license suspension & revocation hearings. He will use this experience to your advantage. Added to the complexity of a DUI case is the separate nature of the MVD hearing. In fact, you may escape criminal charges but still have your license revoked. These complexities make having Vlad Gagic on your side an essential component of your defense. If you face DUI charges, don’t do it alone. He can help you from the moment you are stopped by police, through the MVD hearing, and at trial. Call 520-230-4441 to fight for your rights.



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