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Pima County DUI attorney; defending out-of-state visitor DUI & DWI clients in Arizona

Many people visit Tucson and Pima County to live for part of the year, attend MLB Spring Training, take advantage of the weather, and experience all the recreation that the Grand Canyon State has to offer. Unfortunately, many visitors also find out that Arizona has something else to offer: the most aggressive DUI penalties & consequences in the nation. Don’t face these consequences alone. You may be forced to stand trial on DUI charges—felony DUI or misdemeanor—and you will have to go through Arizona MVD license suspension & revocation hearings. You need an aggressive attorney who is more than familiar with Arizona DUI law, MVD procedures, Pima County prosecutors and law enforcement tactics. Tucson drunk driving defense lawyer, Vlad Gagic has a long history as an Arizona criminal attorney with a special focus on drunk driving arrests.

Wherever you are from, Arizona law enforcement officials will aggressively prosecute your case. They will seek the harshest punishments; a hard line on DUI in Arizona is a point of pride for them. Don’t face the possibility of catastrophic penalties without an attorney by your side. Contact Pima County DUI attorney, Vlad Gagic. As a former US Marine, experience as a public defender, and more than a decade as a successful criminal defense attorney, he has the skill and knowledge to defend your freedom.

Arrested for DUI while visiting Arizona? You face major challenges.

These challenges may be reduced with an experienced Arizona attorney at your side. If you are from out- of-state and are arrested for DUI, an attorney who is experienced with these types of cases is essential to protect your rights even if you do not plan a return to Arizona. Leaving without settling your case

  • Will probably result in a warrant issued for your arrest
  • If you ever return to Arizona, you will face incarceration and massive fines
  • Penalties—license suspension and revocation—from the Arizona Motor Vehicle Division may be applied in your home state
  • Fees, fines, and other penalties will increase if you avoid settling your case.

A former Marine and experienced Arizona DUI defense attorney helping clients from out-of-state

As a former US Marine, public defender, and criminal defense attorney, Vlad Gagic has the skill and experience to defend your rights against Arizona’s vigilant law enforcement apparatus. Contact his Tucson criminal defense law office anytime day or night to summon the Marine. Vlad Gagic will represent you in Arizona no matter where you are in the nation. Call 520-230-4441 for a free consultation.



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