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Under 21 Drunk Driving Arrest in AZ? Call a Pima County DUI Defense Attorney

Throughout Arizona—and the nation—teenagers are losing their lives and suffering crippling injuries in car accidents. Many of these are the result of drunk driving by underage drinkers. Out of concern for teenagers’ safety, many states have adopted strict policies when it comes to underage drinking and underage DUI. As a state known for its harsh DUI penalties & consequences, Arizona is one of the most aggressive in pursuing charges against people accused of underage DUI. You may be forced to endure a criminal trial and go through an MVD license suspension & revocation hearing. You may—at least—have your driving privileges severely restricted or, potentially, revoked for a long period of time.

Though strict laws may be well-intentioned, they often lead to overly aggressive law enforcement, overzealous prosecutors and a legal system that oppresses those it was designed to protect. Losing your license may endanger your employment opportunities and education. If you or someone you love has been arrested on underage drunk driving charges, contact a dedicated Pima County DUI defense attorney who is aggressive, knowledgeable, and experienced with such cases.

Tucson Police and Pima County law enforcement may violate your rights

Just because a person is underage at the time of arrest for suspicion of DUI does not mean that they do not have rights. Fight back against those who may have violated your constitutional rights. If you have been arrested for underage DUI in Tucson, minimize the risk of severe penalties with Tucson Underage DUI Lawyer, Vlad Gagic at your side. If you are convicted, you may face:

  • 24 hours to 30 days of detention in a Pima County law enforcement facility
  • License suspension of up to two years
  • $100 to $500 fine plus surcharges
  • Mandatory substance abuse counseling
  • Community service
  • Loss of access to college scholarships and other financial aid
  • Massive increase in car insurance premiums
  • Forfeiture of certain employment and internship possibilities

Though the strict DUI laws in Arizona may be well-intentioned, they may encourage police and prosecutors to arrest and convict even when the evidence is not compelling or mistakes were made during the arrest. A skilled attorney can find the holes in the prosecution’s case and can find the errors committed in the administration of the Chemical, Blood & Urine Tests. There are many other ways that your lawyer will seek to get your underage DUI charges dropped or, at least, get them reduced. Keep your license. Avoid detention. Escape massive fines and a criminal record. These are all possible when you contact Tucson underage drunk driving attorney, Vlad Gagic.



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